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Re: Seeking WARATAH yacht plans please

Now as for the reproduction of the Waratah plans, this can easily be done with the permission of the current copyright holder, but as stated by the intellectual property lawyer I contacted, the person that inherited dennis' estate may not even know they own the rights, if indeed dennis left a living heir to his estate/property. A copyright last's for 70 years form the date the copyright holder dies. So for me to reproduce these plans I first need to try my damndest to find any descendant's of dennis and seek permission, at the same time I need to complete my set of plans . As I said I am missing 3 of the 7 sheets 'cause my 'then' dog chewed them to bits 20 years ago :-( . My reason to reproduce these plans is not so much motivated by money but the fact I have an intimate connection to the design thanks to my grandfather. As a family of dutch heratige we were all so proud of my opa's achievement in building the yacht, and still are. Plus I am the only relative with the skills to build boats (models at least). Using what plans I possess I have built several models of the ORION 3 over the last 19 years and I have a profound love for the design. If ever I should be successful In my wanting to reproduce these plans they would be offered for sale at a minimal cost being enough to cover the cost of copying them and posting them to a buyer. I am also hesitant to do this as I havn't built a full size yacht and I'm not the designer so Potential buyers of the plans possibly wouldn't be able to rely on me alone to aid with any questions that arise during construction. Dennis built several Waratah's in order to do exactly that. I am confident that I can build a quality model but don't have the expertise to offer to a builder. I would however love the oppurtunity to help someone build a Waratah and perhaps help me complete the plans I have. I am also considering building a small 9 or 10 ft replica for my own pleasure, something I can sit on a box trailer and go lake sailing on. So let it be known that I do appreciate the response from others on this forum, even if my stubborn dutch attitude escapes now and then. I tend to take some replies the wrong way sometimes so my humble apology is offered. Sincerely, Dirk
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