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Re: Man over board

Bringing MOB victims in over the stern - with or without a ladder - can be very dangerous if there's any wave motion. The ladder or transom whacks the person in the water on it's way down, and bones - things like arms, legs, and necks - can get broken. We have a LifeSling, but victims aren't always conscious and able to put it on, or able to keep it on when getting hoisted. A more definite way to get someone back aboard is to have a triangular tarp with eyes in the corners that you can attach to your toerail or outer side of two stanchion bases, midships, where there's less up and down motion of the boat. You throw the third corner into the water, and bring it up around the outside of the victim, so he's essentially wrapped in it and can't get away. A large blanket could also be jury-rigged the same way in a pinch. Attach a tackle or halyard to the third corner (we use our running backstay), and you will lift the victim up and deposit him on deck. The size of the tarp will vary according to the attachment points and your freeboard, but it's a simple and effective piece of equipment that could also serve to cover a stove-in plank or hole from a collision. This "parbuckle" approach roughly halves the effort required to lift objects, so a 3:1 tackle attached to a parbuckle would provide about 6:1 total lift. A crew putting 50 pounds of effort with this setup would be able to lift about a 300 pound load.

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