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Re: Hulls and sailboats: J 105/A 35

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
...where the A35 can carry a spy with 95m2 while the J 105 was one with only 77m2.
The J 105's in North America are sailing with 89m2 .75oz spinnakers since the late 1990's.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
The easiness to sail fast downwind is one of the things that makes the A35 a great short crew racing boat. Going very fast downwind, while on the j 105 the roll movement of the boat, induced by waves or the lateral component of the mainsail has to be carefully counteracted by the weight of the crew and an experienced helmsman on the A35, at small angles of hell that fat ass starts to produce RM that rapidly grows with a small increase of heel. That produces a dampening effect that diminishes greatly roll and makes the boat easier to sail.
When I read "fat ass" I first thought you were speaking of the helmsman, since I have found that owners of racing boats often fit that description. Or at least it appears that way to a bowman.

We deal in lead, friend.
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