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Re: AC 72 crashes, 1 dead

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
My point seems to be misunderstood. I'm not suggesting that they engineer a boat that won't pitch pole. I would insist that they engineer one that would not do so catastrophically, therefore, reducing its potential to kill someone. Air bags, crush zones, better gas mileage, etc, were only engineered upon insistence. Someone pushed back on each as unnecessary or impossible.
It seems that the problem with the Artemis boat is that it did self destruct catastrophically.
I think examination will determine that it had structural defiances.
The 45's pitch poled on a regular basis, and usually could sail away from the incident. Most that didn't were repaired and ready to sail the next day. Check out the video link below which is a compilation of 45 and 72 cat capsizes (I suggest mute to avoid the irritating music!). The Oracle 72 (AC 17) capsize is 5 minutes into the video.
AC 17 seemed to basically survive it's pitch pole (in stronger conditions than the Artemis incident), only to have the wing destroyed after it sank in the strong current. One of the hulls ruptured after hours of having powerful boats tugging on it, attempting to recover the cat, as it drifted out the Gate in a strong ebb tide. No one was hurt in any of those incidents to my knowledge.
If you look at the videos, the hulls are completely vertical and almost motionless for a while as sailors cling to the net like spiders. Then, sometimes someone looses their grip and goes swimming (or goes through the wing!). The incidents actually appear rather graceful, becuause the boats de-power so quickly. After the capsize, the only parts of the boat in the water are one hull, and the top of the wing. With the exception of the "Muscat" capsize 20 seconds into the video...MAN that was ugly!
It's speculation at this point, but it seems to me the Artemis boat probably never got close to vertical, but simply started coming apart, possibly while still moving at a good clip, creating a lot of debris in the water for Simpson to get trapped under.

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