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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Smack, have you seen what the inside of a NASCAR drivers seat looks like these days? The safety of the driver is paramount and the cars have very strict rules intended to improve safety each year. The NFL has made great strides in seeing that the quarterbacks are not broken into bits anymore.

I'm good with the thrill, just not with the abandonment of safety. All of these sports spilled some blood before they got it. I just see AC going the other way from these risky sports analogies, as the spectacular crashes of the cats has been going on for a while and it was just a matter of time before one killed someone. Everyone knew it.
How can you seriously talk about the abandonment of safety when you have all kinds of mandatory PPE I use by AC crews? As well as PPE which may or may not be discretionary- such as air tanks to allow 3 -4 minutes breathing underwater?

This is called risk mitigation- there are many ways to conduct a risk assessment- and then to mitigate excessive risk, in order to bring it back into the realm of acceptability.

Are we so arrogant as to believe that the teams, the designers, and the officials haven't conceived of this very scenario?

It's all just a bunch of high horsery from folks that are too timid to take on that level of risk themselves- and find it uncomfortable to live in a world where there are those who are willing to sack up and go out there life on the line for something as pointless as sailing a billionaires boat. Then on the otherhand If this guy died sailing his pearson triton singlehanded on a circumnavigation thi place would be a cacophony of blowhards demanding to know who payed for the search and rescue- if any attempt was made at all- griping like they had to sign that check themselves personally. Sailing isn't about as pointless and self indulgent an activity as anything in existence - but there's this constant chorus of those decrying sailing in races, or singlehanded, or in a small boat, or when it's windy, or if where you want to go is the same direction that the wind is comin from. So for all those who are going on about how irresponsible or unsafe all this is- I say sell your boat. Sailing is irresponsible at its core. We aren't out here shuttling goods from
Continent to continent or filling or holds with clean burning whale oil with which to keep the streetlights lit.

This guy- with a solid background that afforded him the experience to make an informed decision said "this activity is both safe and well paying enough for me to engage in"

The guys writin the checks have so far determined that their exposure to risk is also acceptable- whether or not they are out on an AC 72.

I find the prevalence of the attitude that "it's not safe enough because someone died doing it" to be at its core indicative of the absolute decay of the American spirit- which historically sought out and thrived on adventure- in pursuit of goals as lofty as "building a new nation" to as mundane as just trying to keep food on the table.

I'm no big fan of the billboard boats. I don't care who paid for it or even who built it since they aren't cranking out rides I can get a seat on anyway. - I'm interested in who designed it and who is sailing it- so maybe they can make that change- keep the boats appearance a bit less commercial.
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