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Re: Another Americaís Cup entry destroyed

How can you say the equipment sucks? Does your boat tool along at 45mph? How many lives were lost trying to fly faster than the speed of sound? Crappy equipment strikes again right?

Ah- 20 minutes of air- both arbitrary and impossible to store without affecting mobility etc, certainly a novel approach to what is already quite a physically demanding activity. Would a scuba tank on your back help or hinder your efforts on your own (non crappy) boat?

Is it A) possible or B) likely that further hampering these crews under the weight and bulk of additional PPE designed to comfort those watching from home would result in less efficient crews- and more frequent catastrophic capsize or other sailing related failure?

If I were paying the bills there would be a likeness of myself giving the finger in the spinnaker. Properly befitting both my ego and my desire for a less commercial appearance. Sadly- no spinnaker= no canvas that I find suitable for my purpose= making my decision not to finance an AC72 far more simple than any debate about the inherent risks involved in sailing the beast.

I'm sorry- I just reread your post and it is clear that you have applied a well trained eye to the situation with an acumen that I couldn't hope to match- and that intense scrutiny has led to the conclusion that "the equipment sucks" precisely which equipment sucks- and could you be a bit specific in regards to "sucks" ie "is under spec for the anticipated loads" or "demonstrates an incomplete understanding of physics" etc- I don't know- something a bit more quantitative.

I'm just beginning a refit- and I don't want my equipment to "suck"
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