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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Putting words in my mouth then, are you? Not to strong with conjugation, perhaps? I doubt many or any people enjoyed seeing a guy drown either. Maybe re-read what you quoted- and recognize that I was offering potential future discussion- rather than discussing an event that had already transpired. In fact it was this event in the past which would generate this future discussion.

If you take issue with my opinion- then take issue with it. I don't even know you and yet I have enough respect to respond to what you actually say/ type

If you want to discuss ideas that I might eventually put forward- well speculate on, maybe it what it lacks in content and intrinsic value will be made up for in entertainment value, Jon.

I personally- and you would have to dig back all the way to the page before this one to notice- have no issue with the current design, nor it's potential to be less safe than what many people seem comfortable with. I personally am enthralled by the boats- regardless of whether they are "safe" or not. I personally think that alot I the talk regarding FAA type oversight of construction methods and materials is ridiculous.

I also put forward a rather basic and common sense notion that I will repeat here- I will use quotation marks- as I am actually saying this.

"If there is concern that the boats have become too one dimensional to be effective as a platform for competition, or that the boats are no longer safe enough- then the course of action that is most basic, and requires the least amount of interference from governing bodies and committees is to let any team that so chooses drop out now- or at the time of there choosing. However, modifying the standards of the weather call- at this point- will send a very clear message that designs that are increasingly fragile, unpredictable, and one dimensional will be catered to, and if that message is sent- designs that fit that description will continue to proliferate."

Note that I haven't endorsed or suggested a course of action, I have only pointed out some of the logical consequences of some of the courses of action currently on the table for consideration- thereby allowing those with reasonable reading comprehension skills to draw their own conclusions- and possibly continue the discussion- based on some limited but reasonable understanding on the several facets of the present dillema.

I, for one, remain comfortable with the knowledge that (gasp) sailing and - this is an even bigger (gasp) competition at the highest level are not without potentially fatal risk.

Don't try cheap shots like quoting me out of context in concert with a lackluster quip to get any communicating done. If your going to argue a point- make sure it's one in contention- anything else is a waste of time and makes you seem foolish.

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