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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

All the time that I was working on the design design above, I was thinking, if this were going to be my boat, and I started out with the 13,200 lb displacement that Atkins says that Wolf's boat weighs, what would that boat look like. Throughout the process I was noodling with that a bit. Whereas the boat above takes the general length and beam of Wolf's boat, but is lighter and has way less wetted surface, this boat would take the general displacement of Wolf's boat and try to put it to better use.

I know that Wolf probably won't like this boat. There is no boat that will appeal to everyone. But this one was intended to only appeal to one person. That person is me. (Although knowing that Bob is riding shotgun, I did not want to go too far off the reservation.)

But there is a little more to this than the process to date. Anyone who read my comments on the Tim Jackett/ Island Packet's Blue Jacket 40 knows that I was a little disappointed with that design. It seemed like that should have been a great boat. Instead it seems like a gimmick filled 'camel' (as in a horse designed by committee).

I had hoped it would have been a boat which really knocked my socks off. I had hoped it would be the kind of performance cruiser that I could wax poetic over, but what resulted frankly is pretty unappealing to me.

But if I am going to say that the Blue Jacket is not a boat that I would want (even if I could afford one, which I can't) I began to think about what a boat would be like that would grab my attention and make my heart go 'Boom Boom'.

So with that in mind I took a stab at what I thought that that boat should have been. I started with the rough displacement of Wolf's boat. (Atkins said it was around 13,200 but I had to trace the lines of Wolf's boat at the beginning of this exercise and I just ran the calcs on that and found that the displacement as drawn was closer to 14,000). Unfortunately this boat as it is currently drawn, is a little overweight relative to the 14,000 lbs I started out wanting to hit.

At this point I am not sure that I want to make her much lighter though as her D/L and SA/D are about where I would like to see them.

She is designed around some of my own personal preferences; fine entry, vee'd and flared forward sections, elytical mid sections, straight run, fractional rig, deep sailing draft but retractable bulb keel, lots of ventilation, and so on.

This is still a pretty conservative design relative to where the newest boats have gone, but she is very advanced compared to where we started.

I think this design also illustrates a point that I have tried to make around here over the years. A longer boat for a given displacement should be not only a lot faster, but also offer more space, carrying capacity, better seaworthiness and seakindliness, than a shorter boat with the same displacement.

So here are a set of first drafts for my version of what I would do with 14,000 lbs displacement, (well actually 14,700 lbs).

 photo MyVersionR-1_Page_1_zpsab4ff185.jpg

 photo MyVersionR-1_Page_2_zpse3b34752.jpg

 photo MyVersionR-1_Page_3_zps27885e73.jpg

She makes my heart go 'pitty-pat'....Just waiting for that dump truck full of money to show up to my house that someone mentioned above.....

And while its tempting to say, "needless to say", it is not needless. I want to thank Bob for all his shared wisdom and guidance. I also appreciate the kind words above.


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