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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

If there weren't any cameras and there wasn't any prestige- these guys would be out there doing this.

It's as much about pushing yourself as far as you can go- as much as it is about pushing the equipment and changing the game. Men make the challenge so they can rise to it. Are the AC72s ready? Hell no. They aren't robust enough- they can't be adequately depowered we all know that.

Again- all the better reason to make these guys run the boats they chose in the venue they chose. Don't soften the challenge- nothing is gained from that- keep the bar that they set for themselves- and be amazed at what you see come out of it.

Chrisake- let the human spirit soar- let theseem rise to the occasion- tame the beasts- and demonstrate again the indomitable will to adapt and overcome.

It's certainly no for everyone. As for workplace safety- risk assessment, risk management- if your nine to five fits into the scope of what OSHA thinks you should do, and you aren't factoring in concepts like ground and air medevac, ammo resupply, vehicle crossroads, most likely and most dangerous courses of enemy action- so on and so forth- if you don't have team leaders doing PCC's and squad leaders performing PCIs- I you don't do rehearsals and rock drills- if you don't train to the point that your actions become a collective action rapidly executed without applying a deliberate decision-making process- we probably don't have much to discuss when comes to "safety in the workplace"

Because you just haven't had to lay it on the line.

And no- I'm not going to discuss my myriad adventuresssss- outside if those outlined earlier.

Minne- yes it was your statement re abandonment of safety considerations etc. I get distracted by broad brush strokes that leave myriad streaks and gaps in the overall finish...

And the simple fact remains- the guys who are the sole subject matter experts are by and large staying on the boats.

Only the second fatality in 130 years? Remarkable. Why aren't we celebrating that track record- It should be held aloft as an example to other sports.

Anyone remember the opening sequence of the right stuff? Talking about the sound barrier and the bell x1- it wound up with this quote "men came to the high deserts of California to ride it- they were called test pilots, and no one knew there names"

It's not about fame. It's not about money. It's just that voice inside your head that tells you to hurry up when there's someone walking a few steps ahead or behind you. Of you don't have it- you'll never understand but it won't let you rest. It says "hear that- they're right behind you- maybe catching up- maybe not- maybe they just think you can't get away" he says "they are right there- you have to pass them- or they'll think you can't". It says "jeez dude- it's a hill- just run up it- what's the problem- why aren't you trying?"

So if you don't hear that voice everyday- pushing you every step turning your every waking moment into a contest with yourself- because your fellow man isn't always there to compete against- you might be a happy and content soul- but that's all you'll ever be. And you'll never grasp what makes a man willing to go out and leave it all out on the field- holding nothing back for the return trip.

To me that is just impossibly bland.

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