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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Originally Posted by c. breeze View Post

Anyone remember the opening sequence of the right stuff? Talking about the sound barrier and the bell x1- it wound up with this quote "men came to the high deserts of California to ride it- they were called test pilots, and no one knew there names"

It's not about fame. It's not about money. It's just that voice inside your head that tells you to hurry up when there's someone walking a few steps ahead or behind you. Of you don't have it- you'll never understand but it won't let you rest. It says "hear that- they're right behind you- maybe catching up- maybe not- maybe they just think you can't get away" he says "they are right there- you have to pass them- or they'll think you can't". It says "jeez dude- it's a hill- just run up it- what's the problem- why aren't you trying?"

So if you don't hear that voice everyday- pushing you every step turning your every waking moment into a contest with yourself- because your fellow man isn't always there to compete against- you might be a happy and content soul- but that's all you'll ever be. .

Probably just pasteing this in anywhere else in this thread where I feel I should respond- as I just really don't have much else to say about it. What alot of y'all need to feel- is clearly not the same as what these guys need to feel- be it the owners or the crews- and so you act in a tremendously condescending fashion toward it. You sound like PTA moms. I often feel this is an arrogance born of insecurity- sort of the self inflated notion that if someone does sailing its because you were a bit rash with your advice in sailnet- sort of the opposite of false bravado. There is this prevalent attitude that you need to save the rest of sailing world from itself.

If its not there- if that's not the attitude- it sure comes off as such. Now don't get me wrong- I'm really enjoying the discussion and a lot of good points have been brought up- and we are already seeing developments that to an extent had been discussed here- so it's not without merit. Just passionate on my views about the dangers of taming the human spirit
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