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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
How much more lighthearted were you hoping for than the smiley at the end of the sentence?
A smiley with a tongue. Maybe she thought you were tainting her.

What's laughable about smaller people getting smaller boats? Just because some woman are bigger most are not. If I weighed 300 pounds I would need a bigger boat, so I assume if I were shorter, a boat with 5'10" standing room would be comfortable but for someone 6' that's cramped.

Do most women not eat less? That's a good thing. I hate eating and storing and cooking on the boat so if you can get away with less that's good. It's all good actually. Smaller hosts are cheaper, easier to maneuver, less maintenance and tey still sail. You can do whatever you want on the right 32 footer as a 40 footer.

My dog is a corgi. She is short so she needs a smaller kennel than a lab.

This isn't about hither women can do in a boat what men can do, but whether they are held back from doing so by a boys club mentality which I do not think is too bad in sailing compared to maybe some other things.
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