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Where are the younger people?

I have started cruising around recently and I am totally surprised by the age demographics of my fellow sailors. I'd say at least eighty percent, maybe mrr like 90 are over 60 years old.

I did by grow up around boats and maybe this is a regional thing but it is not what I expected. I have always thought I sailing as the water equivalent of driving a Land Rover across Africa or something so I thought the people out here would be 20-50. It's such a hard and outdoorsy sport, almost I thought it woul be adrenaline filled, water flying over the bow, quick quick quick reef the main, oh no! Sheet out sheet out! But with the temperate weather it's more sitting and "cruising".

I'm sure it can be anything you wan it to be. For example today I got to go aboard a guys Catalina 42 mkII. It had a lot I conveniences I did t know where so common. I thought sailboats were smaller and more basic. This had electric winches. Generator. Two tvs. Two showers. All lines ran to the cockpit and a full enclosure. We talked about it and he say he never had to go on deck except to remove the sail cover if he plan to raise the main that day. So you could sail in more ease than I thought possible. The majority of the boats I'm seeig look like this one. Push a button an the autopilot tacks for you.

Is this the face of the modern sailor? Not a sunburned, torn pants, looks like he's been castaway on a deserted island? Do younger people not sail? Or do younger people not cruise. If I went to a marina in a city would I see a greater mix or not. Say Baltimore or Newport beach. What is it like there? Who owns boats and who sails?

I am not criticizing I am only observing. Not trying to say set people cannot or should not sail. Maybe I would say that more young people should. But or all I know they do. When I go to a new marina I find myself slightly out of place. It is definitely geared for bigger boats and older people. I woul describe the atmosphere as not unlike a marine RV park. Not really people partyin on the docks after a crazy sail.

It also goes to the advice I have received on where I want to go. Everyone recommended me go to these really remote wilderness spots. Where I would like more to do. I like the wilderness sometimes, but have been having more fun when there is something on shore like a cool town, which is more of what I am going o be seeking. Otherwise if I ask people where go I go its like go to X island. It's in the middle of nowhere and there's a hiking trail and great anchorage. It's lovely. Harold and I went last year and spent a couple weeks and only saw five other boats.

I kinda like seeig other boats! What you guys call a crowd is NOT what I call a crowd. To me I am pretty much one step away from the total wild. It's nice but also nice to go to a lively own and see more stuff. Maybe I should have called my post My Observations from a new cruising prospective.
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