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Re: Sailnet Chat Silenced -- Day 2

Originally Posted by knothead View Post
Just a quick question. What happens when somebody says something "off topic" in the chat room?
Are there pitch forks and torches involved?
Actually, the beauty of the chatroom is that OT crap is, much like it is in real life, transient. In the forums, OT comments tend to become the subject of and then dominate otherwise substantive threads because they lose context and they gain permanence that would not occur in a normal verbal or chat exchange.

Similarly, there is an awful lot of sailing info exchange that is not worthy of an endless thread. "What sort of line should I use for X" is not a question requiring endless pontification -- just the brief answer of a trusted friend. Chat is great for that. In the forums, the "simple question" often leads to all sorts of ridiculous posturing and ridicule.

Chat might not be for you, but it has a place. Mostly it is just a sweet pick-up scene

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