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Re: Where are the younger people?

Originally Posted by northoceanbeach View Post

Is this the face of the modern sailor? Not a sunburned, torn pants, looks like he's been castaway on a deserted island? Do younger people not sail? Or do younger people not cruise.
You got it, bub.

In 'Murica, we gots two kinds of young people; the kind that Gary described (in the fast lane), or the "risk averse". The kind that thinks that an Xbox360 is the gateway to greatness, thus spending their lives on the sofa, with a Hotpocket in one hand, and a 1 liter bottle soda in the other.

If you're young, living aboard, and actually sailing, I applaud you. Do it. Don't be put off by the "RV" demographic in the marina.

Last year, I was living aboard and noticed the same thing. There were 2 other liveaboards near my age (40) in the marina. One took a job, and sailed his boat down to Norfolk, and the other snapped his leg in a freak accident and had to live with family while he healed.

I felt pretty alone. In fact, one of the other marina inhabitants commented that I "make the rest of them look bad" because I lived aboard, and actually sailed most afternoons after work, and cruised for entire weekends. Shocking I tells ya, just shocking.

Here's another news-flash for you:

Women will LOVE you. At first. You're young and wild, and passionate. "You live on a boat? How exciting!" But then...that stupid "sailing" thing will get in the way. "You need to grow up, settle down, get a real job. How long are you going to live in that tiny, stinky boat?"

A wise, Kiwi friend recently explained it to me: Women adore passionate men, but they hate whatever it is that we're passionate about.

You might, just might, find someone who shares you passion, but it's equally possible that you'll be stuck alone, surrounded by people who just don't get it. People who think sailing is just a "casual hobby".

Don't let it deter you though. Sail, travel, and cherish a freedom that most in the U.S. don't have, and don't even realize exists. Once you give it up, it's nearly impossible to get it back.

Here's some younger folks doing it right, to inspire you:

Alacrity, 1981 Tartan 33 #168

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