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Re: Where are the younger people?

Originally Posted by Siamese View Post
IMHO, it's more the result of a cultural shift than a reflection of economic hard times. I'll go along with those posters who cited "self direction". ... So, yeah, cultural shift. And I don't want to mark myself as an old codger, but it's not a shift I like.
I agree that there has been a "cultural shift" Siamese. Culture is always changing, but the root cause is economic insecurity. The fact, as borne out by piles of economic data, is that it was a hell of a lot easier for people to live a middle class life 30 years ago that it is today.

Yes, there's the argument of the coddled generation. Every "old codger" generation looks at "the kids today" and reminds them how much harder it was back in my day. And yes, there's some truth to it as well. But people haven't changed that much in the last 50,000 years. We all need the basics before we can move on to the luxuries. The simple fact is that for the vast majority of people in our societies, the basics have been getting hard to achieve.

Originally Posted by gedaggett View Post
...As I get older and more established in my business and further into my Mortgage then it will likely open up for me. But for now I sail other peoples boats and jump on where and when I can. That for now is my sailing plight. Not that I don't want to it is that I can't
Exactly my point gedaggett. The typical middle-class Western kid gets out of high school, has a brief foray of freedom (and even that is a luxury for the relatively richer families), and then races into university, which now costs way more than it used to, marriage and kids (another huge cost), car, house, healthcare (esspecially for Americans), career expenses, etc...

From the 1950s to the end of the 1970s we could do all this on one income, and still have enough to save a significant amount. IOW we had much more discretionary spending. Since the end of the 1970s incomes have flatlined, costs have gone up, and people no longer have the freedom to play.

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