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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I don't understand why the Nascar comparison. Nascar as a form of racing is looked at a particular American thing by the World's top racing community. There are not a top pilot that wants to race in the Nascar series except if a huge amount of money is offered to him and even so many woold refuse becaise that would mean the end of his carrier as a top pilot. Regarding racing Nascar is not top racing, not top technology, not top pilots and all the world except US won't give a rat's ass about it.

You guys act like the America's cup was an American thing or if the Americans were the ones more interested in it. They are not. There is a much bigger interest in the America's cup (as it is in all sail racing) in Europe, Australia or New Zealand.

If you want to go to car racing analogy stop with that ridiculous analogy with a technically back water very limited (to US) and particular form of auto racing and compare it with the one that has top internationalization, top technology, top pilots and top cars: the F1. The AC 72 are for other sailboats as the F1 is for other cars.

Yes, accidents happen in top racing at top speed, in F1 or on the AC if that one is raced in top boats at top speed. Who wants less?


Paulo, trust me, I fully appreciate how much more apt is the comparison of AC racing to F1, as opposed to BASSCAR...

However, we are discussing a premier yachting event taking place in America at the moment, and the discussion largely centers around the efforts and measures taken to make the event more intriguing to the American general public... F1 is so low in our general awareness of worldwide motorsport for many of the same reasons that yacht racing is... Poll the average American to name the most notable motor racing fatality, for example, I would guess close to 90% in this country would name Dale Earnhardt... I'm not sure much more than 1 in 10 of Americans have a clue who Ayrton Senna was, on the other hand...

I think one comparison between this generation of AC boats and NASCAR still applies, however... When these AC72s are up to speed, they possess nothing remotely close to the remarkable ability of an FI car to change direction quickly... in terms of 'nimbleness', they seem to be much closer to a 3,500 pound Sprint Cup car being pressed into a 30 degree banking at 200 mph... When things start going wrong, for the most part the driver's just along for the ride...

btw, have you seen what the former F1 designer Mike Gascoyne is now up to?

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