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Re: Where are the younger people?

Yeah I don't know who buys new boats.

It's also a problem because they made them so damn good that you can get a boat from forty years ago that still sails. You can't do that with a car. Barring classic cars that have been extensively restored cars just break at a certain point. Maybe the sailboat industry did themselves in when they invented fiberglass.

I realize people put career and family first but don't some people not? Like the stereotypical surfer. Just squeaks by through life having a good time. I am looking for the sailing equivalent of that.

Career can be a good and bad thing because on one hand it makes it possible to afford a boat. You just have I pick the right career.

Children are the death of dreams to me. Once you have them especially more than one and especially in this day and age, you are now a slave to your kids and sailing and cruising is gone.

I don't think it's a generational shift to tv and video games. People still do stuff it's just, ok it might be a gen shift. I was going to say people do more packaged entertainment. But people have been glued to the tv since it was invented. People say tv has gotten worse but fifty years ago it was absolute rubbish with such censorship that you got trite meaningless shows like leave it to beaver or Andy Griffith that people watched and said look how nice our lives are and then walked over and slept with the neighbors wife. They weren't better more moral people back then, they just were like a southern conservative. Scream loud enough how good and right you are and hopefully Boone will see the hideous things you do behind closed doors.

Maybe except the seventies when things got a little more experimental but when was this golden age where everyone was an adventurer and sailing and doing great things? I see history of row houses and folks going to work with their lunch pail so they could afford two kids a house and a car.

I would think if anything people choosing to not have kids these days and having more freedom in society, that with the economy like you say, well if you just got out of college and there aren't the jobs they promised there would be why move in within mom but go get a boat in San Diego and see if Mexico really is as bad as they say?

It's not happening but I'm not sure why. I think sailing might be becoming a marine RV park. But before you think to hard on the next generation are these RV ers that much better? They seem to share no sense of the comeraderie with me I had expected. No one wants to talk about sailing or god forbid offers to help. It like I'm pulling up to the RV park blasting metal with an upside down cross tattooed to my forehead the way half the people look at me around here. Definitely Harold and Maude look out of their cockpit enclosure with leery eyes. Heaven forbid they got up off their ass and helped me hit the dock on a windy day. The other day the wind was going one way the current the other an I was being pillows at an angle from the slip before I could jump off. Four old couple in four boats sat there and stated. Nobody came and spent two seconds holding my bow. It's not good is all I'm saying. I'm less than impressed. I thought people would form a common bond because there aren't that many of us here now. But I think they are being too comfortable.
I think a lot of them are sitting watching the same tv gen x is. They're just doing it from a boat v

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