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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Originally Posted by c. breeze View Post
So at 2 fatalities in 130 years- you think it's less safe than which round the world race? 2 fatalities in 130 years makes it more likely than a fatality in the Olympics / run up to the Olympics? Hmmm. Do you read the things your typing?

What is coming across loud and clear is your personal disappointment with the perceived quality / safety of the experience. Perhaps due to a lack of available jobs since you turned down a crew position in the AC... No? That's not the case?

My question becomes- will you tune out? Or will you continue to complain they aren't havin their race the way you want them to have their race? While you watch in fascinated horror- praying for that next casualty that will prove you right?

I will be out sailing tomorrow- is there anything I should be doing to make the experience more to your liking? Or more comfortable for you?

Just because the ego demands the largest audience possible be able to view the proceedings- doesn't mean the proceedings are designed as easily palatable entertainment for the viewer. If a guy is walking around showing off his badass Rolex, his 22 year old maxim model trophy girlfriend and his deep pockets- he's not doing it for your entertainment, he's doing it for his own. Whether or not you are comfortable with the show
Suggesting he change it so its more to your taste sounds silly
The other fatality you speak of in the AC training was a piece of broken gear that hit a sailor. It was not a capsize or break apart of an entire boat.

I have not been watching the AC, and don't plan to. I do read the news paper where the major accidents of the AC are printed. I do not plan to watch the upcoming AC races. The thing that turned me off wsa the type of boat they are using- one that cannot be controlled. Speed is nothing without control. As another poster posted, the AC's have a generator to power the computer and controls and winches. To me these AC's are then power boats. But if you like watching them, great, "Ain't that America".

That is the whole point of the AC, to get viewership. Doesn't matter if I don't watch it, but if a 100,000 don't watch it, then it matters.
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