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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Way off topic,

Who cares who Ayrton Senna is and why should I care to know. Why would the American public watch FI...which they don't or care about it. It doesn't interest our pedestrian tastes obviously. They don't relate to the drivers for one or the cars for two.

As far as technical superiority, its apples and oranges. F1 drivers drive essentially the same courses over the same distance roughly 20 times a year with no two races in the same country. They drive cars which look nothing like what the general public drives. I cant remember the last F1 driver who even attempted to in a NASCAR car and was even able to crack the top 20. And Vice versa. Same for the Nascar drivers the other way.

The NASCAR cars require a tremendous team effort during the race as the conditions change constantly with the heat of the track and constant adjustments are made to the camber, springs air pressures etc., while in F1 you got what you got when you start basically.

Two different types of racing. As a spectator. and I have been to F1 races, they are boring as hell as the cars pass you little square of the course once every two minutes or so maybe 50-100 times.

Way different skill on the F1 course rather than in the tight proximately on the NASCAR races.

Both interest me for different reasons. Both require a different skill set and both test the limits of speeds in a confined area and are dangerous.

Getting Americans to go to F1 races is like asking Americans to give up football for soccer. We like our NASCAR. You like your F1/ We are uncivilized rednecks beer drinkers and chips and salsa and you are sophisticated wine drinkers and brie eaters. We like the intricate strategy of football at every position vs. soccer which is very straightforward and much less cerebral.

As far as NASCAR being about 30 degree banked ovals. They all are different...the don't all have banking...its not the same in every corner...and they race bumper to bumper in relatively equal cars. Many of them come from dirt tracks etc. Lots of the drivers are 35-45. F1 Boys are rich brats who while they may ridicule the NASCAR guys for riding in a circle wont dare try and go out and "hang" with them. First time one of them would get bump drafted they'd crap in their pants. F1 drivers drive with almost no contact. NASCAR..its the norm in close quarter racing

Both types of cars and drivers are to be admired. Some car advances you see in your everyday driving cars have been developed in NASCAR.

I admire both types of drivers for taking the risk at the edge of speed. Having driven an oval alone at 160 steady mph in a NASCAR was daunting and scary as hell. Amp that up to 1805-200,at temps of 200 plus and add 42 other cars, no thanks.

NASCAR to its credit does try and keep safety in mind, but its has always been a reactive one. Just like will happen with the Americas Cup. The improvements come in increments after they have crash's and sometimes even death. HANS and safer barriers were a direct reaction to Earnharts death. Air prevent rollovers on the roof going backwards, Catch fences to prevent the cars or parts from sailing off into the crowds and killing the spectators. Fuel cells to prevent explosive fuel etc.

No sport wants to see their top attractions which draw the spectators killed. That went out with the Romans. Besides eventually there would be no one left. AC will morph...just not in the middle of this years races.

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Paulo, trust me, I fully appreciate how much more apt is the comparison of AC racing to F1, as opposed to BASSCAR...

However, we are discussing a premier yachting event taking place in America at the moment, and the discussion largely centers around the efforts and measures taken to make the event more intriguing to the American general public... F1 is so low in our general awareness of worldwide motorsport for many of the same reasons that yacht racing is... Poll the average American to name the most notable motor racing fatality, for example, I would guess close to 90% in this country would name Dale Earnhardt... I'm not sure much more than 1 in 10 of Americans have a clue who Ayrton Senna was, on the other hand...

I think one comparison between this generation of AC boats and NASCAR still applies, however... When these AC72s are up to speed, they possess nothing remotely close to the remarkable ability of an FI car to change direction quickly... in terms of 'nimbleness', they seem to be much closer to a 3,500 pound Sprint Cup car being pressed into a 30 degree banking at 200 mph... When things start going wrong, for the most part the driver's just along for the ride...

btw, have you seen what the former F1 designer Mike Gascoyne is now up to?

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