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Re: Bedding Deck Hardware With Butyl Tape

1) I'm re-bedding chainplates. They're flush to the deck but I'd like to use butyl. However I don't want them getting junk stuck to them or being exposed to UV for long periods of time. Would it be ok to use butyl and then put lifecaulk over that?

2) I just finished re-bedding some deck hardware today and one thing that worked pretty well was to counter sink before re-drilling the epoxy.

The counter sink doesn't walk as much as a drill bit, is easier to center initially, and if it's off center it can be walked back towards the center unlike a drill bit.

So once you have the centered countersink the drill bit will right down the center of the epoxy plug.

Also I found that a guide block of solid oak was a simple way to guide the drill straight. I just drilled out a small scrap block of oak at home for various size bits in the press for straight perpendicular holes.

3) The adhesive properties of butyl can't be forgotten. I had to hole saw some inspection holes in the head platform to get access to the bolts underneath. To re-fill these holes I was able to simply stick some leftover 2" soffit vents (like $1 each at home depot) into the holes with butyl. The advantage of butyl being how easy it was and the fact that I can yank them out with no tools, then replace them anytime I want in the future.

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