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Very nice to meet you all!

Ahoy all!

I am from Seattle and have had a passion for the sea and all things related all of my life due to the influence of my grandfather. My grandfather was an amazing man who taught me everything I know about sailing nautical lore. He restored old Poulsbo boats and worked with Northwest Seaport to restore the Arthur Foss tugboat and Wawona schooner. Aside from sailing and boat building he had many other craftsman hobbies; wood working, blacksmithing, marlinespike seamanship, stained glass, and quite a few others. His father was a Swedish immigrant fisherman who was lost at sea off a fishing schooner while my grandfather was about 3 years old.

My grandfather and I have done several wonderful projects together. One of our favorites author’s is Hervey Garrett Smith, who write “The Marlinespike Sailor” and “The Arts of the Sailor”, and we’ve made a few of his projects like the Sea Chest and a wooden bilge pump. We also built a 17ft wooden Dory.

When I first told my grandfather I was serious about sailing, he brought me an old book and popped open two bottles of Henry Weinhard's and sat down in an old patio chair on my grandparents veranda. He then told me about his long interest in boats and sailing. His mother was terrified to let him near the water; no doubt because of the loss of his father at sea. He took me back to 1944, when he was 15 years old. With the money he had been saving he note to one of his neighbors, who forged his mother’s signature on a note granting him permission from a parent to rent and sail a boat. With the remaining money, he rented a small sailboat on Lake Washington and bought a book titled “Sailing Made Easy, Told In Pictures” by Rufus G. Smith. After telling me this story, he handed down this very same old worn book. I still have that book and it’s a treasure of mine.

Back in 2007 I bought a C-Lark 14’ sailboat. We restored her to sailing condition and took her out once. Sadly my grandfather became ill and I lost the boat after storing it and the storage owner neglected to pay their rent. My grandfather passed away in 2009 after fighting a long battle with cancer. I miss him every day and it never gets easier. He was much closer than my own father was.

I recently bought another C-Lark that ready to go aside from a paint job. I can’t wait to get back in the water and somehow I know my grandfather will be there at my shoulder as he always used to be.
I am glad to join on here and hope to learn everything that he could not teach me in life. We always think that we have all the time in the world till one day is gone out with the tide.

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