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Re: Why Children should go cruising

Originally Posted by xort View Post
we need EVERY child raised by the state run school so they can all be EXACTLY the same. Viewing MTV should be required, otherwise how will children learn how to behave? It should be a crime like it is in Germany to not send your child to the govt school. We can give them brown shirts too.
And with those distinctive uniforms, They let them be awarded little silver handled daggers to prove they are well trained, indoctrinated and trusted tools of the state. All of this so they can all learn to be good slaves of the Government and to honor the country of their birth!

IMO, better they should be happy, free, loved, well educated and have a sharp sailor's knife to cut a line when needed or to free themselves from a tangle in a upset.

Let them learn to honor their father and mother and to be able to wisely plot and capably steer their own course.

This world has had quite enough indoctrinated youths and child soldiers to feed into the meat grinders of war. Any government that trains their children to be subjects and soldiers before they are trained to be free, discerning, productive citizens is seriously suspect to my way of thinking.

Let your children know that there are things worth fighting for and that freedom to be able to raise your children your way is one of them!
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