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Re: Young people and adventure

northoceanbeach: Glad we are on the same page, it is a discussion, not an argument! All of your points are 100% valid, and I don't think that anyone is arguing that sacrifices wouldn't have to be made. As to soccer is your kid going to get to soccer practice if you are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with them on board!? Keep 'em with you in the boat and home school 'em while traveling, and they aren't likely to get the plague from school either.

Risk...well...risk is all the eye of the beholder, no? I may not want to have a small child onboard a boat with a beginner trying to singlehand around my local lake, but I may be fairly okay with a conscientious and experienced open ocean sailboat racer taking that same small child on a boat around Cape Horn.

I'm laughing at my mind's picture of a dude with 20 dogs on a sailboat right now...wiener dogs, because, why not?
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