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Re: Young people and adventure

It all comes down to how much life you need to trade for money. We all need to trade life, as measured in time, for resources, as measured in money. The trap too many of us (me included) fall into is turning wants into needs. The more we do that, the more life we unnecessarily give away.

There's no one answer, and there's certainly no right answer that fits everyone. But as the oft-cited cliche goes: on your death bed, are you going to be wishing you'd spent more time making money? Probably not ... unless you starved or froze to death .

On the issue of holidays, we in the US and Canada need to realize we're completely nuts. We get far fewer holidays, on average, than just about anyone else in the developed world. From a recent study:

"The two North American states, Canada and the United States are amongst the least generous nations when it comes to statutory holidays."

I remember attending a tourism conference and a speaker got up to tell everyone about these interesting experiential packages that embedded visitors right in communities they were visiting. This was a Canadian company, but when someone asked why the company wasn't marketing their packages to Canadians or Americans the speaker said it was b/c we just don't get enough time off work.

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