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Re: Polar speeds: Elan 400 - Pogo 12.50

Thanks Paulo! That was a lot more than I was ever expecting. If I understand you...(to summarize):

1. wind speed is reflected by the concentric circles
2. boat speed is represented by the colored lines
3. radius lines = angle to wind

"We are talking about 40ft boats that have a hull displacement speed of about 8.5K."

I'm guessing the above statement is not information that can be garnered from looking at polar charts? I'm also guessing this has to do with an equation which incorporates displacement and perhaps LWL??

Therefore, am I correct in stating polar charts say nothing about a hull's theoretical planning speed? I was wondering if the shape of the arc's depicting boat speed allowed one to interpret planning speed. Sounds like that may not be the case.

Thanks again.
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