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Re: Don't read this unless you have time . .

Originally Posted by capta View Post
"I am trying to figure out why this stuff irks or concerns you how much electronics someone else has and what they decide to put on their boats. Why does it bug you how many times someone else uses thir boat.
Just enjoy your own boat and your own decisions what you purchase for it.

Sailing is the name of the game, no matter how everyone decides to do it.- Chef2sail
I guess it irks me when I am clawing my way to weather in 25 knots of wind, against a strong current in 8 to 10 foot seas, on a starboard tack and some guy (on a brand new boat with every conceivable bit of modern technology), on a port tack, close reaching, makes me avoid him, between islands in the West Indies! Or when I'm tacking up the Charleston waterfront and some guy is covering me to windward forcing me to jibe an 84' three masted schooner and 40+ passengers aboard. I guess it irks me when some idiot is dragging down on me in the middle of the night.
I couldn't care less how often someone uses their boat, but when they do, they should not be a menace to others out there. No amount of costly equipment can replace good seamanship, courtesy and plain old common sense.

So you are saying if they didn't have the electronics they would display better seamanship in those individual instances? How does electronics help or detract from poor anchoring techniques?

I understand your INDIVIDUAL incidents and of course that would irk me also. I agree about common sense also, but you can have both common sense and electronics.

Extrapolating that the electronic equipment causes the poor seamanship is quite a reach.

You don't have to have lots of electronics to exhibit poor seamanship, and conversely lots of electronics doesn't cause poor seamanship

I've seen plenty of larger sailboats "bully" smaller sailboats in Annapolis Harbor or Newport RI , boats on the same tack because they have larger boats and feel they can, showing improper seamanship, but I wouldn't make a statement including all sailboats over 50 ft. and generalize...its individual boats who do that.

I will agree that electronics has led to a comfort level for some average sailors to take on conditions they would not normally attempt as JonEisenberg has so aptly pointed out many times.

But to vilify and castigate a whole group of sailors for utilizing electronics is not valid IMHO.As I have stated almost of my friends/ collogues have learned and practiced good seamanship without and without electronics. There is no need to go back to a sextant and celestial navigation. There is no need as CD mentioned to remove a radar and consider it frivolous and contributing to poor seamanship.

What others chose to purchase and employ on their boats is their business and doesn't by itself irk me. Poor seamanship does. That is caused by the individual.
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