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Re: Don't read this unless you have time . .

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Always interesting to see how others prioritize this sort of stuff...

Don't mean to pick on you, obviously your 'list' is not intended to be comprehensive... But an anchor and charts appear to be virtual afterthoughts on yours, while they would be right at the top of mine... An EPIRB, on the other hand, would likely be so far down my own list of 'necessities', as to be practically forgotten...

A compass would be pretty high on my list, as well... Astonishing, the low priority given to the compass by many of today's sailors... I'd be amazed if more than 1 in 20 boats out there today have ever had their compass swung, for example...

On this $1+ million 'Globe-Girdler', the compass was unreadable to a helmsman standing at the wheel... Not to mention, given its proximity to the plotter, it was rarely within 15-20 degrees of being true...

>Broken Record Alert<

Exactly, Paulo - that's always at the heart of these discussions, for me - and the essence of what I mean by today's gadgets "enabling" so many of the mishaps we continue to see today, when all this stuff should theoretically be enhancing safety and proper seamanship... GPS has changed the game to a degree that it's still difficult to fully appreciate, so many people are 'out there' now, that previously would not have been... No freaking way, for example, would the owner of RULE 62 had been sailing his boat to the Caribbean - at least not with that crew, or without an experienced offshore navigator and sailor aboard - in the first place, were it not for GPS making it so easy to find his destination...

>Broken Record Mode OFF<
lol- yea ill throw a few seamanship tokens back in the bucket for not listing compass first. I can only rationalize in my mind that that would be so obvious as to go without saying- but then again so is an anchor so idk. Lol, sorry.
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