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Re: My Horror Story

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
So you would rather risk your life sailing with an unknown deficiency than with a known one.

So you would rather risk other people's property to damage due to your own boat's unknown deficiencies than protect yourself against a liability that you can't afford to pay out of pocket.

Look, owning your own keelboat is a lot different from being a passenger on your daddy's Hobie 16. You have an awful lot to learn. And if you don't learn those things, you bear responsibility for your mistakes. "I didn't know any better" is not a valid excuse when you damage someone's property or injure somebody.

Your failure to realize the possibility of keelbolt corrosion, or the possible deficiencies of your motor, is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole lot more that you (and I) don't have a clue about. That's why insurance companies require surveys, and don't trust the self-assessments of dreamy-eyed novice sailors.

Getting an insurance survey and buying some insurance may save your life. At the very least, it may save your future livelihood from a future of garnished wages.

You're sounding like an obstinate child with all your "I won't do that," and "Your advice is wecome EXCEPT ABOUT BOAT LIABILITY INSURANCE."

I hope we don't end up reading about you in the newspaper someday.
I would ask you to consider it from a different perspective- So I will use this analogy.

A single mother of 48 with a family history of breast cancer (like they have the gene) has three kids and works a full-time job to support their household. (so a good portion of American moms would fit the bill here-minus this gene)
The mother knows her grandmother and mother and aunt all died from breast cancer at 45 or 50 or 48 or 55 w.e.
Well the mom thinks to her self- if go to the doctor and get tested and he finds something- what would i do? I dont have savings, I cant stop working, my kids have to keep eating- so why would I WANT to know? What would that knowledge to to benefit me since know I have not the means to do anything about it?
I know your response- she would be able to get treatment and her kids may have a mother- yet that in its self is a huge presumption.
Your assuming she can afford help, has the money or means. You assume treatment would work and not just rack her and her family with enormous medical bills and still no mom. You assume her ability to keep working and providing for her children would be maintained- kids not getting new clothes, drop in quality of diet- social degregation (poor kids get bullied- terrible but true)
You assume the mother would be able to keep her self maintained with such enormous mental load.
before you yell at my callousness for drawing such a comparison I drew it from reality- That story is true and was on a TV show I watched recently. I just paraphrased what SHE said and how SHE felt so dont murder my good intentions.
Sometimes people feel like they are better off not knowing, and sometimes they may be right.

no no no I never want to risk anyones life safety or property. I have simply heard the spectrum of opinions and do not feel any further discussion on the matter to be "new," hence, I am not in need of advice regarding that particular topic.

I do have a clue about my boat. I am familiar with every bolt nut and screw since chances are I put it there. I installed all the systems. So besides the Keel and engine, I have it covered. Engine soon to be solved. Keel- Well I inspected the bolts before and the washers looked new. Its all on photobucket documented before and after. So seems I even checked that out.
Presumptions dont make you any more intelligent.

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