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Re: Howes Lubricator/Diesel treatment questions

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
The new diesels (autos and trucks) have some pretty sophisticated emissions on them including filters, catalytic converters and often additives that are injected into the exhaust (add blue) and you do have to be careful of what you add to the fuel or you might be destroying some very expensive parts. I don't think any of these have made there way into boats, and certainly not really a concern for boaters with older engines, unless you want a single additive for boat and car/truck. VW/BMW/Mercedes are very strict on what they recommend in there new clean diesels and I believe do not recommend any additives. I am looking at a new VW TDI and have done some research, but have not found any definitive answers. Howes seems to have a following in the trucking industry, but not sure if it really fattacks the main concerns of a sailboat. For sailboats it is mainly growth, long term storage, condensation and sludge you are concerned with and injector cleaning is a bonus. For long haul trucks they burn through the fuel at a rather fast rate, so growth stability and sludge is not really an issue for them. Many sailors a tank of fuel lasts a few seasons rather than less than a day in a truck. So we may have different needs, not to say if Howes is good or not for a boat.
Perhaps I wasn't clear. Some other labels I read indicate the product is safe for filters in motors mfg'd AFTER 2007. I'm curious why it wouldn't work in older motors, i.e., would it disintegrate filters, etc. If they are including the later models I think they would have said; " safe for all motors including those mfg'd after 2007". Howe's simply states: "particulate filter friendly formula"

Howes claims it: "Removes water, boosts power and performance, stops smoking (little hard to believe...I'll let you know!), increases MPG, cleans and lubes injectors, Extends filter life. "No gelling guaranteed or we pay the tow" (Does this include Vessel Assist?).

I use a 6 gallon tank for bay sailing, specifically so I don't have the storage issues.

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