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Re: My Horror Story

I assume people remember my last drama-queen thread when I LAST had my bottom cleaned and the guy found my centerboard was broken in two pieces from me leaving it down and it going in the mud despite being towards the end of B-dock at OYCM marina. I assume also since having an entire new centerboard, attachment cables and pins built from scratch at Sadler Point Marina for 1K just a couple months ago that I did not have to check it for structural integrity.
I will chalk up to naivety or perhaps worse, your being a liar, that people here regularly check their keel bolts. Forgive my unawares on this matter. I have not messed with the keel bolts since I removed the nut and washers from all of them, scraped and sanded there base to remove all old caulk and show shining washers, and completely cover in a bath of 5200. That last part, perhaps dumb on me, does not let me just reach down and take a look anytime but it also gives me pretty good sense that nothing is getting through to them either.
Ill eat it on the bottom and propeller and engine. I have no real defense except ignorance which is really no defense at all. I should have got the bottom scraped before leaving OYCM end of story. I should have figured out what was wrong with the diesel before I left OYCM end of story.
I stand by the entire rest of my boat from tiller to mast light as being as seaworthy as yours m8, id bet money on it and for me that’s hard to come by.

Obviously mistakes were made on my part so criticism is warranted. Yet I am here not for embarrassment, but for enlightenment. I only wish to try and defend my logic from some of you who really do presume more than is accurate. Its hard to let inaccuracies be thrown about.
Its also hard to admit mistakes. I too laughed.

it just occurred you may be referring to my comment about breaking the centerboard block/shackle. The post metal piling that fits over the tube coming inside the main cabin of the boat that leads down to the centerboard broke off from the outside metal tube bc the outside metal tube has the same kind of corrosion my old mast bottom had. The shackle is fine. It only broke from my pulling with all my might with extreme forces of torque acting on the metal tube/shackle attachment point(think 90 degree angles) during a stick in the mud I was too impatient to wait out the tide on.

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