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Re: Akilaria RC3

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Not really they are a lot more amazing: That would be only true if you could buy a Bugatti Veyron for the price of a Mercedes or BMW sedan...and the Bugatti costs 10 times more.

These 40class racers cost less than a 40ft Halberg-Rassy. That is only possible because the rule is designed to allow for inexpensive racers with a top speed potential. Very expensive materials, including Carbon are forbidden, except on the masts and spars.


True in terms of cost, but still a good comparison in terms of "sexy" and I think the Bugatti may be the sexiest car ever built.

Which raises the question: With respect to monohulls, if one was not constrained by either money, materials or a design rule, what would the most high performance boat look like at 40 feet? I am thinking that the Class 40s, even with those constraints, are probably not far from the ideal. Presumably, building them in carbon and adding canting keels would further increase performance, but what else could be done?

Can anyone think of another boat of this length that would be faster all around - i.e., upwind and downwind?

We deal in lead, friend.

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