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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I actually loved that C27. No way I would have taken it off-shore, but it was a fantastic boat to sail. Strong, fast, once outpointed a Bene First in a race (no joke), and was really fun to sail.

As for my off-shore experience, I only have maybe 1500 miles of off-shore racing and returns (on a Pearson 365 and on a Pacific Seacraft 37) - absolutely none in a boat I've built with my own hands, and absolutely none in a steel boat.

But I AM a very informed customer. So that actually makes me an expert if you think about it. I'm the audience you're preaching to.

As an informed customer, if you could bring yourself to just talk about your boats without all the "Anything Else is Crap for Sheeple" hyperbole, I could throw you a credibility bone (and actually have in the past).

That said, you should completely ignore me and answer the guys above that actually know. If you can convince them - you certainly don't need to convince the likes of me.

I like you Brent. Just be real.
The suggestion being that, it is wrong for any designer and builder to really believe strongly in what he produces, so the buyers should seek out the builder or designer who doesn't believe strongly in what he produces.
Not warning people of badly designed or badly built products is irresponsible, possibly life threatening. I dont consider such negligence "Being Nice."
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