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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

I can't change what I have for a hull (and if you didn't realize I was happy with what I had then you haven't been paying attention), I can't change my mast and most changes possible to the rig have been done anyway. This leaves the only changes possible to the boat from a performance point of view, leave propeller (which isn't worth the effort to tinker with) and sails.....I have already mentioned I have decided to seek out "retired" racing sails and have them altered to fit.
As far as the main: 37' luff and 15' boom to work with (2' clearance between clue and backstay 1' clearance between head and backstay) one thought that crossed my mind was shortening the foot a tad but with the use of long battens making the leach at the clue almost vertical as far as I can.
The boat will be set up to be able to fly multiple headsails (such as large Yankee and 110 Genny combination) with headstay of 40' running parallel to forestay of 25' (terminating 2/3 up the mast and 4' back from stem).
I have two pairs of jib winches (23' and 25' from stem). The mast is 13' from the stem (a J measurement of 47%). Unlike the previous discussions...this is one that I can actually apply and am seriously open to suggestions.
The sails I have work pretty well considering the ones that where actually made for the boat and/or fit the boat are a old any other sail are mismatched and a slight variation would work better.

As per the carbon fiber discussion....some things amount of price increase is way out of proportion to the amount of performance increase. For several different reasons some old designs actually work well, sometimes new stuff added to old stuff doesn't always mesh and of course some things perform like ****** and always will, not matter how much high tech BS you dump into it.

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