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Re: Honest disclosure

Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post
A broker who does not convey an offer risks an end run by a saavy buyer, who may contact the seller directly and bypass the broker entirely, even though the seller may still owe a commission on the sale.
I haven't had the occasion to use a boat broker yet (sold 3 boats myself without broker because it gives me 10% to play with in the negotiations with buyer; and bought boats directly from dealers), but with a high value boat, I would tend to use a broker. But I have purchased and sold a few items of real estate.

In my limited experience, lots gets lost in the round about way that things are handled through a broker, and instead of helping, they often complicate a sale. It's nuts for a buyer to have a question that goes to his agent, who then contacts sellers agent, who then contacts seller. Then comes the reply by the same process in reverse. I insist, and manage to make it happen, that I talk one on one with the buyer or seller, because I believe that the principals can negotiate and arrive at a deal better and more efficiently one on one without the interference of the brokers. The brokers always go nuts and often get very angry, even though they are protected under the law in that they will get their respective fees if a deal is struck and closed. To me the value of the brokers, is in their finding and getting seller and buyer together initially. After that, I'd rather they stand clear and away.

And home inspectors, in my opinion, create more problems than they solve. They are being paid to inspect and they feel that they must find deficiencies. Then, typically, they write up the report in such a way that a very minor item sounds horrible and scares the buyer away. I haven't used a boat surveyor either, but I can see where they could do the same thing, but I can see also where they know what to look for and would find serious things that a novice (we're all novices since we buy only a few boats) would overlook.
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