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Re: Just beginning to shop around... would love feedback/ideas...

Hi there, thanks for the new replies. I just finished redoing the inside of my cabin. Again! Though, I still need to work out the galley... which had very heavy tile all over it. I used a crow bar, of all things, to remove the tile, but now it has fugly wood. I am seriously thinking of rebuilding the galley area, while using the existing drawer & doors, icebox, etc.

Also, picked up a haier 1.7 cu ft freezer (been jonesing for ice cream and hatch green chiles), and a 0.7 cu ft microwave. And, I changed up the dinette. Last post, I dropped the dinette table and picked up a twin bed mattress from ikea. It fit perfectly, but over time, I realized it was not all that comfortable.


The mattress is now in my van, as a second bed. I tossed the dinette table in storage bc, even though I wanted to make a bench setup, didn't want to cut up that table. So, I picked up some 36" x 11" shelving from urban ore (in berkeley) for $6. I used the table as a pattern to get the angle, and now have a sort of u-shaped couch. Then, picked up a drop leaf table from ikea. Which is arguably, not the best setup, in that I have to scooch around it. But, since I'm fairly small, the scooching isn't too bad. lol Had the laptop hanging on a pulley system from a closet pole before, but needed more table room, without taking up too much space.

Also, since we do have mosquitos every now and then, and bees have been flying into my cabin, I picked up some mosquito netting from an army surplus store. It is hanging over my companion way. No more bees or mosquitos! Yay!

As for the naysayers? Not to worry. They finally realized that I really do love living aboard. Funny thing... I think some of my neighbors are fascinated with the various things I do with the boat. I've *always* got a jury rigged project of some sort going. One could argue that I'm somewhat of a marine hax0r. lol

Speaking of projects...

I scored a dinghy from craigslist. It's the west marine rollup 260. Came with dock wheels (which are absolutely great), a floating tow, and a perfectly fitting cover. Had oars & the air pump, of course. So, I spent part of the day making a dinghy dock. Then took the dink out for a spin. I've gotta learn how to row! I think I will also attach a bicycle mirror or some such, so I can see where I'm going. Or would that be rowing? Found out my right rowing is stronger than my left, but expect that to change by summers end. That, and that means good exercise too!

As for the live aboard slips? I will talk to them to see what gives. I know we had open LABs avail throughout last year. And, last I heard (a couple of months ago) they're hot to trot for getting more LABs. Once I get the scoop, I will pm you. And yeah, I am def motivated to see what I can do to get you in here. Afaics, this is the best marina in the bay area. That, and it would be great to actually learn how to... erm... mainly dock my boat. lol

And finally, the picasa thing. Yeah, I rebuilt my puter so my picasa got messed up. Also, if you're in the bay area, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to show you my stuff. Though, beware, it's still a work in progress that may never complete, should I choose to move up. Which is, at this point, still just a maybe bc the biggest motivation for staying with my rig is the fact that she's paid for.

Whew! That was long, eh? lol
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