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Re: Pogo 40 S3

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
... and it seems something funny is going one because on this interview made 3 month ago a main Pogo shipyard man says that they are studding the new Pogo 40 S3 with Verdier


My French isn't the best, but I thought I heard the gentleman from Structures say that Verdier is designing the Pogo 3 not the Pogo 40 S3, during the interview video you posted. He discussed the 40 S3 but I didn't hear him mention the designer for that one. And that would be consistent with what we've read and heard elsewhere.

After VPLP's success in the last Vendée I wouldn't be surprised if Verdier is the hot new designer du jour. Hard to argue with success. However, it will be interesting to me to see if Verdier incorporates any of the lessons learned from David Raison's scow 6.50 into his own design. Some of my friends who are more knowledgeable about the Mini Transat tell me that Raison's design would not be quite as competitive on the new route for 2013 as on the previous route of the last several years, to Bahia de Salvador. But 747 did very well on the Mini Fastnet, so who knows. It seems to me that in any condition featuring power reaching in breeze under spinnaker, the scow would be the weapon of choice. Watching the recent training video of the more conventional designs, in precisely those conditions, I noted the tendency to bury the bow quite a bit. This would not be as much of an issue with the scow design.

I guess we will wait and see. One thing we know is that Structures is not afraid to push the envelope, even in a market where they dominate (Pogo 2). Unless, of course, the Pogo 3 is slower than the Pogo 2. But I bet that won't happen.

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