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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Also sorry to hear about your delay, Paulo. And hope you will soon be able to set sail, knowing everybody and everything is perfectly OK.

I also follow the Solitaire du Figaro quite closely. That even living solo sailing legends such as “le professeur” Michel Desjoyeaux have been set back that far in the first leg very well illustrates that this is a extremely complicated and very tactical race. So I very much enjoy all the expert analyses!

Finot-Conq has been the dedicated Structures NA bureau since the Pogo 2 but now Guillaume Verdier has been assigned to conceive the Pogo 3. Has this altered the relationship between the Finot group and Structures, explaining why the NA signing for the S3 is so badly advertised? I don’t know but it was certainly a very honest mistake to think it was also Guillaume Verdier, Robelz.

I also wonder if the Pogo 3 will be another major step forward in the 6.50 class, Mr. Pelicano. Because if it is, after the strong dominance of the Pogo 2 I agree this could lead to a “de facto” monotype class, still apart from the prototypes of course. And given the clear successes of David Raisons’ scow-like “747 – Magnum” prototype, will Structures dare to introduce such a concept in the 6.50 series? Honestly, I have no clue. Except that I think they like their boats to be elegant, at least in profile . But they will probably try to keep this a mystery as long as possible.

I agree the Pogo 30 is not cheap, certainly not including all the options. Trust me, no Pogo is . But knowing and having seen how these boats are built and equipped, I’m still convinced they’re good value for money. I’d better since I sail one myself , but even the actual second hand market seems to confirm this impression (no, ours is not for sale yet ).

But this time Structures completely changed its pricing policy. Until now, their cruisers were always advertised with a canting keel and carbon mast (10.50, 12.50, 50’). Although both the 10.50 and 12.50 have also been built with a fixed keel and the 10.50 has also been offered with an aluminium mast, carbon being less essential because the 10.50 has no fathead mainsail and thus always carries a backstay (except the “one off” 10.50 Jean-Marie Finot ordered for himself, which even features a wing mast). But the others were all “optional” (but of course cheaper) designs.

Although the 30’ is first meant for the cruising market, now they clearly also want to attract racing candidates, especially for the Transquadra. I think that’s why they now advertise the fixed keel version in the first place, because of the better performance. And the aluminium mast without fat headed main, because as Paulo stated very accurately the rating would otherwise exceed the limitations for this race. Meanwhile 5 have been ordered in the "standard" Transquadra configuration and 25 with the swinging keel, carbon mast and fathead main options.

For cruising purposes I think these 25 future owners are perfectly right. It would be a pity to deprive yourself of the better performance in light wind conditions (much bigger main) and extra stability when it gets rough (much lighter mast). So for someone who doesn’t have to bother about rating, I personally think the Pogo 30’ deserves his place next to e.g. the First 30’.

Finally, a personal feeling about the Transquadra orientation of the 30’: Christian Bouroullec, the founder and actual director of Structures, winner of the 1999 Mini Transat (now Transat 6.50) on the first Pogo, seems to like racing again with his most recent babies. He crewed for the last ARC on the first Pogo 50’ (4th in real time) and especially for the last Quebec-St.-Malo race on a Pogo 40 S2 (1st). I would not be surprised to see his name on the list for the next Transquadra…

Best regards,

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