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Re: Grand Surprise

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
a boat we never talked here about and one that is a favorite among French racing sailors. The Archambault story is linked to that name, first the Surprise, than the Grand Surprise...a boat with some years that still goes fast. As all the other A, a Michel Joubert & Bernard Nivelt design, a very nice boat.
At the risk of appearing overly critical and not appreciating it when people take the time to video their sailing adventures, I have to say that the camera reveals much room for improvement aboard Gernimo. In no particular order:
  1. Crew doesn't hike hard upwind.
  2. Crew slow moving across the boat and assuming hiking position during and after tacks
  3. Pit person in poor position on spinnaker hoist to support mast person - she is tailing right up against the rope clutch instead of back near the cabin top winch.
  4. Too many people on the foredeck during the spinnaker set and gybe, including one guy just sitting in front of the mast
  5. What? No spinnaker downwind in 23 knots? That seems overly cautious during a race.
  6. Crew out of position prior to the start - someone is down below while they're in sequence and weight positioning is all over the place as they tack onto starboard to make their approach.

I could probably go on but I would recommend some coaching to take it to the next level.

Couldn't really tell much about the Grand Surprise itself, except that it looks quick in a breeze (and would be even quicker if the crew hikes hard and gets their weight properly positioned and sets the spinnaker).

We deal in lead, friend.
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