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Re: A boat for Mr Pelicano

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I have a boat to recommend to you, a fast one : GERANIUM KILLER is for sale at a good price. That's a 2008 A40RC, this one:

Look at the price


bad luck....It is sold already


But the message remains, if you keep an eye on the market some great deals can appear.
Paulo -

I was supposed to do the recent Block Island Race on an A40 - not the RC version - but it didn't come together for some reason. I took a look at it yesterday, as it is docked nearby the Express 37. Cool looking boat, in either configuration, though I confess to preferring twin wheels and mainsheet / traveller ahead of the steering position - Geranium Killer is tiller steering and mainsheet / traveller aft. There are quite a few A40's and A40 RC's for sale all over the place, and the prices seem quite reasonable for a 40-footer, which makes me wonder why an A40 would be less expensive than a 1999 Farr 40 OD (hint: I suspect the difference is "lots of carbon" on the Farr ).

Also have to say I'm not a big fan of galley forward in a performance cruiser - I don't mind it in a full-on race boat, since all you ever do is boil water, but for cruising prefer to have the galley in the conventional place, with the heads in one of the aft quarters. Besides, you've already got me excited about the new A35, which appears to tick all my boxes.

Back to the Grand Surprise - The University team shows how it's supposed to be done, with strong crew hiking, good weight balance downwind, one person on the bow maximum, and fairly good tacking. The only "issues" I observed were: lost the kite too far from the gybe mark and then went for the early douse - that would have cost them some distance; and in that breeze they should have been cross-sheeting the jib upwind - would keep all the weight on the high side and the driver wouldn't have to go low to adjust the jib with the crew on the rail. Quite surprised they weren't doing that because the primary winches are perfectly located for cross-sheeting. Otherwise, the "Gernimo" crew should watch that video and take notes.

BTW, watching the videos of Porto and doing a bit of reading about the city, I'm now rather captivated by it. Seems like a very pleasant place to visit - on the seaside but close enough to Douro to satisfy one's wine tasting needs. What are your thoughts about it? Recommend? Or do you prefer the south coast more?



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