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Re: Sailing and Hungary

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Well, they don't have a sea but they have lake Balaton and lots of wind:
Wow, what a hate mission for those poor bastards on the Melges 24.

They certainly do have a lot of wind on Lake Balaton, and it also appears that they only sail upwind, as I did not see any video of a boat going downwind. Does it mean the lake is only one way?

It was interesting to see how stiff those long, narrow boats are. Crew is sitting comfortably in the cockpit as they simply power through the chop like butter. Impressive. The more modern designs - the ones without 15 fellows on the trapeze - really struggle in the puffs, even with reefed mains - e.g., the X Yachts and the Hanse, as well as several other light displacement fin-keelers.

In the second video, which starts out with the boat going upwind on jib only, I immediately thought to myself: "I wonder where all the windsurfers and kite boarders are?" Then immediately a windsurfer flashes across the screen.

Anyway, looks like a lot of fun, plus you don't have to rinse salt off everything when you're done. How cool is that?

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