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Re: VHF Protocol

Originally Posted by Resolute_ZS View Post
Seriously? If they don't have the information from the original hailing, then they ask the vessel to identify themselves and their location. How hard is that? BEFORE you post. Here is the post I was referring to:
Originally Posted by jsaronson
When I've heard a distress call to Baltimore the first question from the CG is "is everyone wearing a PFD?" Never heard a request for call sign or registration number. Proper protocol on VHF is honored mostly in the breach.
(bold letters added by me.)
As I read this, it seems the point is that the identity of the boat is of little significance. My point is that it's only of significance if you want to communicate effectively. Probably why it is the first item listed in the Mayday protocol, after "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday".
Also, if you've listened to VHF in a busy area, CG will call for radio silence except for them and the hailing vessel during an emergency. When people chime in by accident, they will reiterate the radio silence.
Is the San Francisco bay busy enough for you? I've never heard the CG call for radio silence (though, often they will move the communication to 22). They shouldn't have to, as you are supposed to monitor a channel for two minutes before broadcasting (Maydays not withstanding of course). Even with "radio silence" how would three involved boats and the CG communicate without ID? The skit "Who's on first, What's on second" comes to mind!
What's hard to believe is that although you've started this thread with a question, and experienced people have given you answers, you act like a troll in your own thread. Is your goal to annoy people? You don't seem very satisfied with reasonable answers to your OP.
I start and participate in threads to learn and exchange ideas. If you review this thread, you will see that I have "liked" several posts. On the other hand, some have posted with apparent authority, who's posts simply didn't hold up to logic IMO. I'm going to call BS when I see it. If that's being a "Troll" so be it! If it "irritates" you, avoid my threads, as I'll do it every time!
While CG protocol seems to vary more than I would have anticipated from state to state, I find it "hard to believe" (though possible) that they don't care about the identity of the boat they are talking to. Here, they usually say "US Coast Guard, Lady Lea"....How many people on board ?"(for example) with every transmission. that you have read the post I was referring to, and based on your nonresponsive response, I assume we agree that the identity of the vessel (regardless of how it is obtained) is important for effective radio communications? (They don't have a troll emoticon or I would have used it.)

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