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Re: Experienced Crew needed from Tahiti to Fiji

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
debbie, you are absolutely coorect- it is YOUR RIGHT to post on a public forum... just as it is OUR RIGHT to reply. (Did the capitals add emphasis, make my point any stronger or display the amazing power of my intellect. Nope. Didn't work for yours either.) The people replying here, debbie, aren't "hating"- they are providing you with the benefit of their experience and knowledge.
The fact that you don't like the advice doesn't make it any less valid.
That advice was given in the hopes of, believe it or not, helping you. Maybe a change in your approach might change the results of your crew search?
Instead, here you are, months later, still looking for crew who will also pay for passage.

As rockDAWG will attest, being a frequent delivery crewperson- the standard is that, in return for crewing, meals are provided by the skipper, and airfare for the flight home is a frequent custom.

Experience delivery crew understand that this is the rules of the game, and anybody who expects temp crew to pay their own way shows their inexperience- which will make good help wary.

Please take this advice in the spirit in which it is offered- like everyone else here, I am trying to help.
Well Brian and many others, you guys are way too kind. You just can't teach stupid. If her BF knows how she was behaving on Sailnet with here abusive and unintelligent attitude, he would dump her and find another.

If I were a potential crew and had plenty of money to spend for my own travel, I would NOT sign up with someone who is so mean and combatant, and totally disrespectful to others (crews). It will be the voyage to Hell.

She, and may her BF too, thinks that .... Hey we have a big 50' Hunter sailboat. We are the higher society. We are the desirable. If you are nice, you may join us. But make sure you pay for your own food and drinks.

In many years I have been crewing for others. $15 to $20 a day is more than enough to feed crews of 3 to 5. It is the least amount of the cost of cruising. That is why for all crew wanted posts, a 100% of owner/captains is willing to pay of that. But no, debbiedragonfly comes in and demands her crews must pay for their own.

She wants:
1. Experienced crew and must guarantee no sea sickless
2. Pay your own way
3. Pay for your own food.
4. Every time he grabs a soda or bottle water, he must pay for it.

I wonder if the crew needs to pay to take a dump. This thread is just absurd. You just wonder if she came form Mars. It defies the Northern American standard of human decency. I would never treat someone like that. Let alone when someone is my crew. My life and my boat are counting on him, I would never treat him anything less but, equal, fairness and respect including those who have less experience than me.

It is not the money I concern, it is the attitude to others and being so cheap that concerns me. This worries me about their safety standard and cutting corner to save a few dollars.

Regardless what I think. The fact speaks for itself.

1. Every crew wanted post on here or any other forum, it usually fills within a few days. There are always more crews available than crew wanted.

2. Despite debbiedragonfly actively recruit other on sailnet replying position wanted post, she is looking for a crew. No one will take the bait.

There is NO taker. It does not take a genius to understand why.

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
I will do Tahiti to Fiji, If it takes 15 days or 4 weeks for a flat fee of Au$4850+ meals. And that's cheap.
You are a fair man. I would not sign up for this if it pays $10,000 AUD. The mental abuse and belittling in the voyage, I would rather jump off the boat and hope the sharks are hungry.

Fine Print:
I am old school. Integrity is to do the right thing even when no one is watching.

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