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Re: Almost free boat

We have all seen them sitting in a field or on a dock. The dory or an all wood two master, sitting there seem to be calling out to us ďSTOP" take a look at me. Think of the fun we could have together. Think of the places we could explorer together... I was a down low shopper. I spent many months looking for the almost free boat to find just the right one. You canít be in a hurry with a project like that. You have to know the vessel. Spend time researching the flaws in the design. Inspect the boat yourself. Get sailor friends to give you their opinions to the shape and manufacture of the boat you may or may not be looking. it was right here on this site where I learned everything on about the boat I was considering to pickup "All Most Free"
It was here the guys chimed in and gave me their history lesions and problems as well as the sailing ability of the C&C30 MK1. Maybe I was lucky" I don't think so" Maybe is just a great little boat ďPossibly. But, I think it was asking questions here on this site. I think itís that, the home work was put in and the inspections were done. Not just a regular inspection but a deep dive inspection.
I inspected:
1) engine room. what shape it was in. leaking oil, leaking water, chalk on the engine, proof of or hint of oil changes, Hour meter working? Rust on prop shaft? Shaft packing? Engine wiring? was it factory? were there evidence of shade-tree rewiring or mechanical work? Looking thru the spare parts sometime tells a great story.
2) Thru-hull fittings, requirs a haulout to repair, Around here starts at $800.00
3) Anchoring systems and ground tackle. Up to $1,000.00
4) pad-eye, blocks, pullys, winches, "fittings in general could be hundreds"
5 cabin systems. Lights, coushions. fresh water systems ect. ref, Stove,
6) Haylards, Sheets, snatch-blocks, "working rope could be hundreds"
7) Spars, Inspection of the Mast, spreader, Mast-head lights, fasteners
"Could cost hundreds"
8) Boom inspection, internal outhaul? winch, reefing hooks, Clutches,
9) Hull structure, Bulkhead inspections. signs of over stress? cracking?
10) Cabin top and deck ispection. Is the deck balsa cored? is it wet? delamimation going on? is the cabin wet on the inside? where is it coming from? deck fittings need to be tightened or rebeaded? "May need to Walk-Away"
If you have read this far you can see my point. This is not but 10 of the 3500 parts on the inspection page Iíve mentioned. So you do a good inspection you can find out some big money and some Walk-away items to consider.
I went against a lot of people that advised me to run from the C&C30 I was looking at. I spent 3 months asking for help and inspecting the boat before I made the leap. She is a great boat now. She was in bad shape when I found her. But she had so much equipment and the big ticket items looked to be able to pass my inspections. Below is a couple before and after shots of the boat. I paid $2,500. for the boat and invested around $5,000. in her to date. I have sailed her for a year. all systems are normal. I did blow an external oil line on the back of the 2GM Yanmar, But fixed it myself. Enjoy the photos and Thanks to a lot of great people on this site for all the great help.

[IMG] photo IMG_2604_zpsdf9d91cc.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] photo EastCoastLady3-9-12001_zps6e2a9d0f.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] photo GOPR0885.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] photo DSCN2437.jpg[/IMG]
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