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Re: Who pays for the food and beer?

Originally Posted by mbetter View Post
But you still go out to dinner with people, though, right? Why would the drama on other boats cause you to not want to race?
I was half joking And let me preface this rant by saying that I know some racers to be decent. Most of them are boat owners or friends of boat owners.

The rest are Wed. night lounge lizards who show up wearing their racing kit with three bud lights in a fanny cooler looking for a free ride.

They raft up to you without asking with nothing but half an old fender hanging so they can pick up the lounge lizard who is invariably late, leave trash everywhere, dirty up the marina restrooms (as if they could get any dirtier), double park and block people in, borrow things without asking, in their haste to "help the owner" so they can get the hell out of their ASAP they throw other peoples inflatables around or worse, drag them across pavement, yell at each other, and now apparently they fight over who must pay for a can of beer.

I almost choked to death laughing one Wed. night when my girlfriend punched one douchebag in the face for slapping her ass as she walked by. I would have finished him off but he ran away and pretty fast for a fat guy with a porn star mustache. Granted he was more afraid of her than me. It all started because he was riding us because we didn't race my boat and she finally got sick of it and told him to please shut the ^&%# up. Funny...30 racers standing around and not one of them says a word to him. Even funnier that this guy didn't own a boat.

Maybe they don't understand how much they are held in contempt by people who simply enjoy sailing and maintaining their boat all while respecting other peoples property. I watch these race boat owners doing all the hard labor in the spring and fall. There is no crew to help. The crew shows up when the weather gets nice and thinks it's funny as heck to sail "OPB" and contribute little or nothing except some self perceived special skill they have.

Yes they will even brag about how much smarter they are than someone dumb enough to buy a boat and take them for a free ride. They probably sleep on OPC (other peoples couches) as well.

Maybe because when they are done making a mess they speed out of the marina as fast as they can leaving nothing but dust, fast food trash, empty cans and clogged toilets in their wake.

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