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Re: Tankless Water Heater, CNG?

if the portable shower ones support electric they may be compliant as they don't have any exhaust when operating in electric mode, though admittedly it is 11KW or 100amp.

Alternatively there is also the Soviet shower method -- how people took hot showers in the soviet-union and post-states where hot-water is either intermittent or completely absent. I remember it from my childhood.

The method is to have a bucket or some container which holds liquids, fill it mostly with cold water, then set the kettle to boil, pour in boiling water, stir and test is appropriate warmth (exact proportions of hot-to-cold depend on water temperature), then use a measuring cup or some such to pour it over yourself in the shower.

Washing dishes is same deal, make sure either container wide enough, or dishes small enough to fit.

I was thinking that if you happen to have a gravity-fed solar-shower assembly, then in winter or relatively cold times, can simply top it off with some kettle water. Though admittedly solar-showers and gravity-fed ones do have "tanks". Could even consider a bucket to be a "tank", though bucket very handy item, since can also use it for laundry, and many other uses.

Of course there is also the option to take cold showers, which are supposed to be good for you. In Russia snow bathing is one (fun) way to get clean during the winter. Winter swimming is also great fun :-), good for circulation, and heat-generating ability (assuming you have enough dietary-iodine).

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