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Re: Motor vs Rowing inflatable dinghy...

My oar locks have a ring that I tighten down to make them stay in place. I wasn't sure what setting I should have them, so I have tried out different configs. I've also been watching the scullers practice (i know, different type boats), so that has helped a lot.

What I have found interesting/counter intuitive, is that it's actually easier to row upwind against the tide. When rowing down wind with the tide, my dink wants to turn sideways, so I have to do a 1 stroke left, 2-3 strokes right, or vice versa, to keep the dink going in the direction I want to go. This really slows me down.

When I have a good rhythm going, I am making btwn 2-3 mph (per my gps) as opposed to 1.5 mph downwind, with the current. When I hit that heavy current snag in the bottleneck, I was rowing at least twice as hard just to stay in the same place. o.O Since I don't want to do that again, in addition to dealing with the dredging vessels that are docked and and sometimes moving in and out of that area, I won't be going down there any time in the near or distant future. Motor or no.

Btw, and another thought. During my research, some have mentioned getting longer oars. Based upon this calculation, I would need 8' oars. I have been browsing oars and the longest I could find at the marine shops were 5', which, in light of this guy's comment, can't say I'm surprised.. By expanding my search however, I was able to find these. Though, I still want to do more shopping around, comparison price, design, etcetera.

And finally, here's an interesting article about the perils of rowing an inflatable dink. Imho, the author makes some relevant points. Though, I admittedly enjoy rowing around the estuary. Go figure. lol
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