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Re: Motor vs Rowing inflatable dinghy...

We have 12 mph winds and high current today, so I ended up checking out a local boat swap meet and putzing around my boat today. And, of course, surfing inet. I figure rowing every other day should be good enough. I did run into a guy putting in the estuary with a little trolling motor. Or rather, I should say, ****huge guy***. Which increased my resolve to stick with rowing as opposed to using a motor to explore.

As for the swap meet. I love those. Found a danforth fortress fx 7 anchor with chain, rode, & carrying case for throwing down in case I need to wait for an ebb tide. Or simply anchor for a quick break. It's a really nice little rig. It breaks apart and comes with its own carrying bag and tools. Since the estuary is sand, the mushroom anchors just won't do. This is reasonably heavy, even with a shortish chain. But it should do here in the estuary. So, now I'm totally set for exploring. Have expandable dock hook, throw rope, pfd (of course), tow harness (just in case), patch kit (just in case), pump (just in case), and a waterproof lamp (in the event I get caught after dark). The latter is doubtful bc it gets really cold once the sun sets.

Also picked up a lee cloth that I have affixed to the transom rail on my main rig. Yeah, spending money that I shouldn't. Though, to mitigate over-spending, I only checked out so much. lol

As for looks/comments? I haven't received any funny looks or negative comments. Or, perhaps, I just don't notice. It takes a lot to insult me. Regardless, the boaters have been waving, and I nod. Stopping rowing to wave throws off my rhythm. Some do stop and ask questions. Though, people seem to be the most fascinated with my rear view mirror/wind vane setup. I'm using broom holders to affix the thing to the transom. And, of course, since the transom is wood, I did use silicone sealant. I do worry a bit about rust, as these are metal (zinc). Then again, since everything gets sprayed down and covered... we'll see... A few have said I should patent it. I think they're finally figuring out that I am a seriously geeky gal. lol

Yeah, I am also considering a kayak if I wanna explore further and faster. I have my eye on the wilderness tarpon 120. For now however puttering around in the inflatable is fine. Am not in a hurry to get anywhere, actually. Just want to play on the water, so to speak.

And yes, a sailing dinghy that can double as a rower makes sense. Otoh, I did look at a few but they had a fairly big footprint and I wasn't really crazy about the design. That, and I am sorta leaning toward the Open Bic style hull.

Even after reading this review, I'm still sorta sweet on the Open Bic. What can I say? I like the hull style and it looks like it would be a ton of fun to sail. And yeah, I know. It is designed for kids. Then again, being a smallish female does have its advantages. ^_~

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