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Re: Sailing 3 miles off shore and Thunderstorm moves in from the east. What do you do

Originally Posted by Advocate777 View Post
Thanks for all the actual sailing advice. It is very good. I need to remember that brief thunderstorms moving through downy always kick up big waves the way an extended blow would on a long fetch.
As for the Cow jokes... As Bob Hope sang "thanks for the mammaries"
(Bad joke but as close to a 'cow' and 'milk' that I could come up with)

Bottom line: I appreciate the sailing feedback- I guess I just need to go through a few so I can scratch them off my 'scared of it- run to the fear to overcome it' list.
For some reason bad sub-tropical thunderstorms still make me feel panic and I just need to toughen up and have my rational plan of action. Maybe I should go out ON PURPOSE in a thunderstorm just to get over the fear. Anyone want to come and observe me turning white? Let me know if you are sailing off s Florida or even the Cheasapeake in the July/August and we can go out a bit in a storm. I'll buy the milk or beer or whatever you want.
Obviously going tit for tat is pointless (groaningly entertaining as bad puns may be). Thunderstorms happen; inland or close to shore often the condition is often and usually predicted. There are phone apps that localize the weather to a scary degree or logic and darkening clouds will tell you all is heading for a bad place quick.
It is a big world; lightening bolts are relatively small. You can put tinfoil in your hubcaps and sailing helmet, maybe feel better but it will make no difference. What would you do, stop sailing?

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