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Re: Drinking water tank water.

While it is advisable to take reasonable precautions with source water, life long preoccupations and extreme efforts to ensure "purity" has likely led to far more susceptibility to disease and infection in humans than not. By not allowing ourselves and our children to be exposed to "dirt" (for want of a better description), our and their immune systems are under developed and accordingly unable to adequately deal with incidental exposures to agents that would be of little effect otherwise. Considering the evolution of the human body, and how humans have had to live over the generations, the body is not quite so "fragile" as many seem to have been convinced. Otherwise humans would certainly not have survived for thousands of years before the advent of "modern" sanitary conditions. Old "Ugh" certainly didn't have "bottled" water tho' he and Mrs. Ugh would have undoubtedly preferred glacial melt or spring water to water flowing down a lazy, and likely "contaminated", muddy, river.

In general, if water smells and tastes good, or at least not bad, it is likely safe for consumption although reasonable filtration and purification is certainly wise. If not, there would probably not be many people over the age of 65, most of whom experienced their childhood before the era of such abject preoccupation with purity. They (we) all would have died of horrible diseases much earlier in life.

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