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Re: Don't "drive" your boat like it's a car!

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post
Problem is.... I was that guy once. I attempted to be prudent and respect the current that I knew was in my area by leaving at slack tide. Slack tide.... High tide, and slack current are different things, on different (albeit similar looking) tables.
Thanks for your candor. This is a lesson sea kayakers learn VERY quickly (I am one), and that I think many sailors don't appreciate!
A bystander who helped commented about how idiotic it was to leave when the current was rushing at 3+ knots. "All you have to do is look down at the water to see it."
I don't think the problem was "leaving", it was knowing how to leave.
I didn't look down at the water, I looked at my tide table. A also wonder if I would have been able to see it, the way I can now. Now when I see seaweed streaming out sideways from the dock I take note, but not then.
Not to mention the way your boat was probably tensioning it's dock lines. In the OP, the force that was required to remove the fenders should have been a hint that the boat wasn't going to be anxious to leave the dock.
I was 6 months into the learning adventure that continues today (sailboat ownership) and I knew not what I didn't know. Yup, I was that guy.... I just pray that I'm not still that guy.
Well....lets see. What would you do differently now?
In all fairness, I think your situation was a little less obvious to a neophyte than that in the OP. Though...the potential outcome was the same, which is what made me put down my coffee and pay attention!
So in the interest of disscusion, how would you handle it now?

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